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Headstone Engraving

There are a number of reasons that a headstone would need to be engraved after it had already been placed in a cemetery. The number one reason is to add a loved one’s date of death. When a companion or family memorial is placed in the cemetery, whether the memorial is for a husband and wife or a parent and child, it is usually placed incomplete, meaning that the second name has no final death date.

Headstone Installation

Fairway Monuments has made the investment into a custom trailer capable of setting monuments up to three thousand pounds. The Stone Setter is a powered trailer designed to lift and carry monuments anywhere in a cemetery, whether it’s on flat land or up a steep hillside, we have the capability to bring the stone directly to the gravesite; effortlessly.

Pet Memorials

Keeping your pets memory alive with a head stone, gravestone or pet marker is a great way to remember all the good times and memories that you shared with your pet. A garden in your yard could be a great place for the headstone or gravestone to memorialize the great times that you spent together. Pet markers can help you keep your pets memories alive forever.

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With a proud heritage in the greater Long Branch area Fairway Monuments started out as part of the Concierge Services we offered to the families we served during the time following the death of their loved ones. For a variety of reasons we then developed Fairway Monuments into a full service monument, sandblasting and engraving company that allows us the ability to offer completely personalized and timely services to our families.